About Us

Company Profile

Changyuan County Agricultural Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating the R & D, production, sales and service of concrete pump trucks. The company is located in the automobile industrial park of Changyuan County, the "hometown of China's lifting industry", with Daguang Expressway in the West and 308 provincial highway in the south.

The company has fixed assets of 60 million, covers an area of 240 mu, building area of 40000 square meters, has standardized plant, small and medium-sized concrete pump car production line, with an annual output of 300 small and medium-sized concrete pump cars.

The small and medium-sized pump trucks developed and produced by the company have obtained many patent technologies. The single bridge 37m 5-SECTION arm pump trucks developed and produced by the company are well received by the majority of users. In 2017, the 37 meter concrete pump truck of single bridge won the "BICES China International Engineering Machinery Innovation Product Award".

Enterprise idea

The company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of  "gathering people with integrity and winning the market with quality",  and has been unanimously praised by customers.

Main Products

The company's main products are 30 meter mixing integrated pump truck, 33 meter mixing integrated pump truck, 38 meter mixing integrated pump truck, 33 meter, 37 meter, 38 meter, 42 meter, 47 meter, 50 meter, 58 meter pump truck. After years of development, the company's products continue to upgrade.

Our Responsibilities

People need to breathe air to keep alive. An adult breathes about 20000 times a day and inhales 15-20 cubic meters of air.

Therefore, the polluted air has a direct impact on human health

Human activities will cause a large number of industrial, agricultural and domestic wastes to be discharged into the water, causing water pollution. At present, there are more than 420 billion cubic meters of sewage every year in the world

The water discharged into rivers, lakes and seas has polluted 5.5 trillion cubic meters of fresh water, which is equivalent to more than 14% of the total global runoff.